Horizon Visual Media

What we do

Horizon Visual Media is a production company. We help our clients share their vision using a creative mix of still imagery and videography. All of our services are custom built around you so the finished product will be something truly unique; a showpiece and testament to your work.


A new perspective

Don’t look down on me! Or…wait, do! The aerial perspective can create incredibly inspiring visuals from even the most uninspired scenes. There are countless ways to use drone footage and images to a production. Sometimes it adds value to a project, other times the project has no value without it!


Moments in Motion

Nothing draws attention like motion. It’s an evolutionary trait. We use motion to create interesting and inspiring content for our clients to share with the world. We offer delivery in a wide array of formats to make distribution easy on numerous viewing platforms.


A picture is worth 1000 words

While video is a fantastic tool for story telling and providing context, still photography will present a subject in a single instant as best as it possibly can be. We believe that photography is a necessary supplement to video, especially when the subject is a product of any sort.