Shayli Huston Testimonial

Shayli Huston | Realtor

Shayli approached us looking to film a short commercial. We thought what better way to market your business than to interview a couple of happy clients. Client testimonials are some of the most powerful forms of video marketing, especially when the clients aren’t actors but are truly happy clients as they are here.

We thoroughly enjoyed filming and editing this project. Everyone was extremely easy to work with which allowed us all to have a lot of fun while filming.

Canon 1Dx III

The Canon 1Dx III is the Ferrari of DSLR cameras. With video features seen on the highest end cinema cameras, the 1Dx III delivers superb video quality for just about all styles of filming.

Canon 5DMKIV

Serving as a B cam to the 1Dx, we were able to film a multi-angle interview for added interest and engagement in the video.

Canon 16-35 F/2.8L

The tighter end of this focal range, 35mm, is an ideal length for an A cam interview composition. The wider lengths provided us with the compelling B roll content to carry the story forward.

Canon 100mm F/2.8

While a macro lens wouldn’t be the first thing you’d think of for interviews, it actually provides a very pleasing tight shot from the B cam angle.

Røde NTG 4+

Proper audio makes the difference between and average finished product and an incredible finished product. For shoots where we have control of the environment, the NTG 4+ is our go to!

Aputure 120d

The Aputure 120d is the winner yet again. In most settings, but certainly interviews and narrative, the 120d is one of the most pleasing and flattering lights money can buy.

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