Foley’s Fitness

Having a prior relationship in fitness with Mike, he thought of us first when he wanted to have an ad created for the opening of his new fitness facility in Scarborough, Maine. Due to the nature of an open-for-business fitness facility on its grand opening, there were a lot of moving targets to hit.

We were challenged by not having the time to ideally set up shots, ambient noise during narrative recording, and trying to be respectful of the patrons. With minimal difficulty, we overcame these challenges and delivered Foley’s Fitness this video that is now used on their social media platforms, website, and is played on the television screens on site.

Equipment We Used

Canon 5DMKIv

I chose the Canon 5DMKIV for this project. Due to the need to produce high quality photography and videography both for this client, and needing to do so in a run-and-gun style environment, the 5DMKIV was the perfect tool for the job.

Canon 16-35 F/2.8L

Following the theme of needing to do many things in a short amount of time without much prep, the versatility of the 16-35mm focal range provided all of the shots and stills I needed while still being discrete and allowing the patrons to work out uninterrupted.

Ronin S Electronic Stabiliser

For the smoothest footage from a camera the size of the 5DMKIV, the Ronin S delivered. In a gym, there’s a lot of action happening. This gimbal allowed me to capture fast tracking shots without sacrificing stability.

Lavalier Microphone

Not always my first choice for recording audio, but in a loud environment like a gym where you have very little control over extraneous noise, a lav mic provides the cleanest audio without being drowned out by the surroundings.

Aputure 120d

This light is fantastic. I’ve purchased several. In addition to being incredibly versatile, they’re my favorite light source when lighting people. They have unbelievably consistent color and a very diffuse and flattering output, making skin tones and texture very pleasing.

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