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Horizon Visual Media was formed in 2015 by Dave Perlman in Auburn, Maine. As a small creative agency, the goal was to create the best quality visual content that it could.

Fast forward to now, Horizon has a team of nearly 10 people. We've spent our time building strategies that utilize our high production video assets to achieve tangible results like generate leads, hire new team members, raise funds, and more!


We've always been about our customers and their satisfaction. Their wins are our wins and thats why we spend the extra time to become acquainted with them and their operations. 

Our goal is to be your marketing partner for the long term. That kind of relationship is only built by providing excellent customer service in addition to useful products.



This phrase comes up quite often in discussion. In our industry, companies are often segmented into business services or creative services.

Our strategies are built with business in mind. A smart strategy paired with high quality creative assets becomes a winning strategy that creates a significant result for the user. That's what we offer at Horizon.